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The question that Skip Case's fellow real estate colleagues have been asking him since he formed his company is, "Who are the partners in Case Industrial Partners?" Case's answer tells the story of his vision for his innovative industrial real estate services firm:

"My partners are the team that comes together to maximize the value of each real estate project for each client. The team changes with each situation because members of the client's staff are always key partners. When I am looking for the best warehouse, distribution or operations center for the client, I encourage the client to create a project team that includes the sales manager, the operations manager, the production and/or warehouse manager, and the office manager. Clear criteria, or at least a 'wish list,' from these managers who deal with the firm's supply chain process on a daily basis guides me in the search for the best facility. I guide the team in developing a strategy for maximizing efficiency with the new facility. Using this approach, I have been able to contribute to the long-term success of my clients."

After the lease or sales contract is completed, Case continues his involvement by monitoring the process through occupancy.

A Vision for Adding Value Beyond the Transaction

Skip Case began his professional practice in March 1982 as an industrial sales and leasing agent. He consistently won industry recognition for outstanding transactions performance. Along the way he saw opportunities to provide additional services that enabled his clients to create clear facilities planning and improve their ability to accommodate growth and change. With Case Industrial Partners, Case has chosen to offer his combination of consulting and brokerage services to firms seeking to outsource their real estate service requirements. He explains, "Most companies are in a constant state of change, seeking ever greater efficiencies in plant and supply chain process. I make myself available to assist my clients in evaluating the impact on their real estate commitments of any changes they are considering."
Case works with owners, presidents, managers, and real estate managers, providing custom services that may include:
  • Brokerage services (lease negotiation, sales negotiation) for industrial properties for users/tenants.
  • Administrative services for real estate development by users.
  • On-going consultation to include facility/operations integration, lease abstracting, facility need forecasting, information interpretation, renewal planning, facilities profiling, lease and facility management services.

On the basis of his eighteen years of experience, he has developed particular expertise in serving the following client profiles:

Manufacturers that supply big box retailers - "A key component in supplying the building materials retailer is assuring quick re-stocking of individual locations," explains Jeri Clement, president of American Wood Moulding, LLC. "As suppliers, we must deliver our goods directly to individual stores with the flexibility to keep their shelf space full at all times; therefore, we sign contracts with building materials retailers that specify warehouse capabilities and location. The trend is toward many small-to-medium warehouses for dependable regional supply. Skip has identified locations and negotiated leases for warehouses across the country for our firm. We recognize his contribution to our dramatic growth through the acquisition of functional, affordable warehouses to serve our DIY retailers."

Contract Warehousers - Don Dilks, president of DDD Company relates the importance of real estate to his operation, "Contract warehousers compete in a very price sensitive market, and must know their warehousing costs before submitting bids for contracts. They bid on a specific volume of goods for a specific period of time. This makes the selection and control of available warehouse space a skillful matter. Skip Case has assisted us over the last ten years in identifying the best warehouse opportunities for our bidding process and we have been successful in winning more than our share of contracts."

Medium-sized manufacturers (and importers) that self-distribute - Many manufacturers want the control of doing their own sales and distribution. Case has worked very successfully for eight years with a firm that has systematically replaced distributor relationships with self-distribution warehouses. He has located suitable distribution centers in five cities and negotiated their leases. He has also assisted them in profiling their most cost-effective facility features, developed a strategy for lease terms, and guided the development of cost-effective relocation procedures. Even though their sales are in the $120 million range, they do not have a staff person who handles real estate. Case works with the president of the company and individual warehouse managers for each market.

Divestiture of real estate resulting from consolidation/corporate restructuring - In today's fluid economy, companies are taking a close look at ways to streamline their operations. This means that divisions and branches outside of the "core business" are being sold or closed. Often existing real estate commitments are a barrier to the process. Case has worked very successfully with the real estate departments of Fortune 500 companies who need to quickly evaluate sub-lease or sale opportunities for real estate beyond their key areas of expertise.

A National Network of Specialists

Skip Case earned the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) designation in 1987, a rigorous credentialing process. He is currently serving as the elected president of the Maryland-D.C.-Northern Virginia chapter of SIOR. Through his affiliation with SIOR, Case has established a strong network of industrial specialists across the country. Over the last eight years he has successfully allied with out-of-state agents to complete a significant number of transactions nationally. This is an innovative approach. Traditionally, brokers simply refer transactions to an out-of-state broker and collect a referral fee. By managing the transaction and adding his personal expertise throughout the process, Case delivers a contract which truly serves the tenant/user's needs.

Fully Integrated Capabilities

Case Industrial Partners has a physical office in Columbia, Maryland. But, on any given day, you may find Case and his laptop/modem and mobile phone/fax in Maryland or Dallas, Texas; Cleveland, Ohio; San Francisco, California or Hartford, Connecticut. "I go where my clients need to locate or improve their facilities; integrated real estate solutions - that's my business," smiles Case.

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