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When Skip Case takes his show on the road, he doesn't head for the glamorous office suites of the corporate world; he heads for the land of loading docks, railroad tracks, interstate interchanges, sea-going containers, high-speed lift trucks, and 28-foot clear height buildings.

His mission: to find the best one-story building to suit the warehousing, manufacturing, or distribution center needs for his clients.

PC notebook, detailed area map, digital camera are all on the passenger seat beside him. He typically visits up to 30 sites in an area and evaluates each for its logistic and physical value to his client. Such is the daily grind for an industrial real estate consultant who serves tenants and users.

The twist is that, most often, this painstaking research is done away from the comfort of his Columbia, MD office in such industrial crossroads as Memphis, TN; Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; and Phoenix, AZ.

Case Industrial Partners Inc. provides national industrial facilities location, acquisition management, and development for a growing number of manufacturing and distribution firms with multiple locations.

"Real estate is the bottom line business for the industrial user, but decision-making cannot be done in a vacuum. Case Industrial Partners helps us find ways to improve our bottom line by adding to supply chain efficiency. One of the reasons Case can add so much value is that he really understands our company and our processes. We benefit from a consistent approach toward real estate activities," said John McNicholas, Fletcher Challenge Forests USA.

Finding the best solutions

A key ingredient in the service that Case Industrial Partners provides is the work that occurs before the road trip.

Case's emphasis is on finding the best solutions for the client. Case begins each assignment with a strategic session encouraging his client to bring together a project team that includes the sales manager, the production and/or warehouse manager, and the transportation manager. Clear direction, or at least a 'wish list' from these managers, who deal with the firm's supply chain on a daily basis, becomes the search criteria for the best facility.

"Distributors with multiple locations around the country are seeking the services of an industrial specialist who is accountable for delivering a functional facility that conforms to the needs of their supply chain. Case Industrial Partners is becoming increasingly recognized as a valued participant in that process and a successful provider of those services," said consultant Michael Furbush, of Company Entier.

Maximizing the supply-chain process

Even beyond identifying the components of the facility and location selection, Case continues the process by encouraging a detailed analysis of ways to improve the firm's operations to be performed in the new facility.

To gain more skill in this area, Case has begun course work at Georgia Tech toward a certificate in logistics.

"The emergence of electronics capabilities has advanced the sophistication of logistics technology to an amazing level. While we don't expect to become expert in this field, I am learning ways to apply logistics thinking to every day strategic planning, and particularly facilities and operations planning," explained Case, "especially in recognizing when the goal can be accomplished by re-casting and re-configuring the flow of product in the existing facility."

"Using these approaches, I have been able to contribute to the long-term success of my clients. With so much information available today, anyone can locate space. The real value lies in providing an informed selection process and strategic contract negotiation to bring the most functional value to the client."

Managing the process

A review of the multiple activities in 1997 for just one client of Case Industrial Partners reveals the nature of Case's partnership and involvement in the strategic life of his client firms.

That client is a Maryland based distributor supplying finished wood molding nationally to major hardware and lumber wholesalers and retailers. The company delivers goods directly to wholesale distribution centers and to individual stores with the responsibility to keep shelves full at all times.

The company requires many small-to-medium warehouses to maintain dependable regional supply. Specifically, that requires thoughtful lease renewal/ expansion planning for existing facilities, identification of strategic locations for new facilities, and management consideration of the financial options for ownership/development of facilities and lease with option to buy.

In 1997 alone, Case assisted just this one client with planning, location, and development of facilities in Hanover, MD; South Bend, IN; St. Louis, MO; El Paso, TX; and Manning, SC. Services included construction management, in which Case acted as a liaison between general contractor and his client to assure that the projects stayed on budget and on schedule and that critical decisions during development were addressed appropriately to meet the client's needs.

"Often the transportation plan will require a location in secondary or tertiary markets where available facilities require significant modification. I step in to manage that process so that the corporation can maintain its focus on its customers," Case said.

The Case method

"Medium sized corporations usually do not have in-house expertise for the multiple disciplines required to deal effectively with today's institutional landlords or the national merchant builders that are bringing new facilities to the market place," says Case. Case works with owners, presidents, managers, and real estate managers, providing custom services that may include:

  • Brokerage services, including lease negotiation and sales negotiation for industrial properties users/tenants.
  • Administrative and construction management services for real estate development by users.
  • On-going consultation to include facility/operations integration, lease abstracting, facility needs forecasting, information interpretation, renewal planning, facilities profiling, lease and facility management services.

On the basis of his 18 years of experience, he has developed particular expertise in serving the following client profiles:

  • Manufacturers & distributors that supply big box retailers.
  • Contract warehousers.
  • Medium-sized manufacturers (and importers) that self-distribute.
  • Divestiture of real estate resulting from consolidation/corporate restructuring.

A national resource

Skip Case began his professional practice in March 1982 as an industrial sales and leasing agent. He consistently wins industry recognition for outstanding transaction performance.

With Case Industrial Partners, Case has chosen to offer his combination of facilities planning, consulting, management and brokerage services to firms seeking to outsource their real estate service requirements. Skip Case earned the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) designation in 1987, a rigorous credentialing process. He is currently serving as the president of the Maryland/D.C./Northern Virginia chapter of the SIOR.

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